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mission statement

To ignite a passion for learning and exploration in little ones through imaginative play, interactive programs, and a nurturing environment. We strive to provide exceptional play experiences that foster essential life skills, a love for discovery, and magical celebrations that forge lasting memories.

our vision

To cultivate wonder, unite generations of families, create delightful experiences that spark joy at every celebration, and empower children to embark on a lifelong journey of curiosity.

Little Play Avenue Play Floor

about us

The Little Play Avenue, combines educational excellence with creative play in a beautifully designed space that encourages children's curiosity and growth, while our café, Avenue Brew, is known for artisanal beverages and treats. our luxurious, custom, turnkey celebrations elevate each event and promise a sophisticated, stress-free experience tailor-made for discerning families.

our founder

As the visionary behind Little Play Avenue, Leena Hasbini brings a wealth of experience in design and a deep passion for creating memorable experiences for children and families. With an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and diverse expertise from education to luxury interior design, Leena's vision is to fuse educational quality with imaginative play. At the heart of Little Play Avenue’s mission is our commitment to providing a nurturing and engaging environment where play and learning intersect.

Founder's Photo